Meet the Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Our amazing speakers are inviting you to attend WSC 2022! Watch the special video messages they have recorded for you.

Dr. Marika Demers
WSC Future Leaders

Dr. Ivy Sebastian
WSC Future Leaders

Dr. Maria Khan Junaidi
Standardizing Stroke Services in the MENA Region

Dr. Dorcas Ghandi
Telerehabilitation – Ready for PrimeTime?

Dr. Vinicius Montanaro
Digital Health Inovations to Reduce Inequities in Stroke

Dr. Abhijit Das
Post Stroke Pain and Spasticity – When to Suspect and Treatment Modalities

Dr. Pradeep Kumar
Safety Of Recanalization Therapy In Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

Dr. Xinyi Leng
Cerebral Hemodynamics in ICAS and the Clinical Implications

Dr. Michelangelo Mancuso
Mitochondrial Disease and Stroke

Associate Prof. Caleb Ferguson
WSO Future Leaders